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Moringa – The Ultimate Super Food For More Than One Reason

Have a look at the shelves in the super store in the US; the products which have Moringa are being availed by one and all. So, there are the nutrition bars, the supplements and even powders made of Moringa. No wonder they have made the trending lists.

So, what exactly is this Moringa?

Moringa is a tree, with the most amazing leaves. Indeed, its leaves are pack of nutrition. You name it and the tree has it. You give your kids carrots to supplement Vitamin A. Well, the leaves of this tree have more Vitamin than carrot. And, again more iron than spinach. More calcium than milk! (And, these are facts)

moringa_-_Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years

What are the attributes of Moringa?

  • Moringa has a bitter taste.
  • It is very much like the green tea.
  • It is an optimum source of energy.
  • It also has some amazing anti-inflammatory potential.
  • For diabetic patients it has helped in lowering the glucose levels.
  • It has the ability to enhance milk production in new mothers.
  • Its seeds have the capability to produce cosmetic oil for skin and hair which is awesome.


The super food

Moringa grows in abundance in part of Africa and Asia. For thousands of years, it has been utilized as medications and food. Its impact has raised immense allurement in the research world as well. It is nothing short of a ‘super food’ in itself. But, there is more to it.

moringaAduna's Moringa Green Superleaf Powder (left) is made from the leaf of the moringa ‘miracle tree’ (right) one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet

It is immensely beneficial for the people who grow and sell it. The tree of Moringa is fast growing. It is also resistant to drought. It thrives in the places which have high malnutrition or immense poverty rates in parts of Western Africa, South America and Southern Asia. Hence, the fact that the significance and need of the tree is spreading globally, is in turn making way out for many struggling families in such regions.

moringa_en_polvoMoringa is a rich source of iron (46.8% NRV), calcium (29.8% NRV) and magnesium (19.1% NRV), all of which support energy-yielding metabolism. A green smoothie with moringa in the morning will keep you energised all day!


MoringaConnect is a budding organization. Almost 2,000 local farmers work with this group. This organization is aiding these farmers by taking benefit of the real potential of the plant. In fact, the group has been working with the farmers to plant almost 250,000 Moringa trees in Ghana. With this the income of the farmers has enhanced ten times. And, this is just one group. There are many other groups working here, which are making use of the attributes of the plant to ensure the care takers get good income. Again, since, the tree has so many attributes it is proving to be a great help to the consumers as well.

The best aspect of the Moringa tree is that it is 100% natural. In this era of artificial, sweeteners, preservatives, it is this tree which is doing the needful without an iota of unnatural ingredient.

So, go ahead mix it in a smoothie, add it as a supplement, or put it in your soup. Enjoy it the way you like it. And then, bask in the goodness of its nutritive value. Eat well, eat healthy, and eat natural!

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