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Here Are The Main Reasons Why You Are Always Tired

If you always feel exhausted and tired no matter how many hours you sleep, there might be few reasons to explain it:

You don’t wake up early enough. How many times do you press the snooze button? It might sound strange, but sleeping until the last minute can actually harm your health, than help you. You do need to get ready for the day, and simply time to wake up and be fresh. That’s why earlier wake up is so important.

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Your sex life is also on a snooze button. Many couples have the same sex issue, finding an excuse to be tired to have sex. It is like with a headache. But it turns out that sex can actually help you to have a better night’s rest instead. Moreover active sex can boost your energy instead of sleep.

You don’t have enough magnesium. Magnesium actually improves the quality of your sleep, as well as the time of falling asleep and the length of the deep sleeping phase. Make sure you have enough of this element by consuming nuts, seeds, beans or avocado.

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You hate your job. You have to be honest with yourself, of course waking up every day and going to the work you hate is hardly inspirational. Numerous studies proved that people who don’t like what they do have more troubles with falling asleep due to the constant stress. Maybe it is time to change the job?

You don’t work out. Simple workout but on the regular basis can reduce the risk of depression. So don’t neglect that hour of workout in the gym or at home, as you will feel 65% less tired during the day.

You don’t get enough sunlight. It turns out that people who are exposed to sunlight or bright artificial light in the morning have melanin production occurring sooner, and in the end of the day they go to sleep way easier. So get up with open curtains!

You are a ball of stress. Anxiety never brought anything good, besides the gray hair, wrinkles and constant feeling of tiredness. Plus it is a number one reason for insomnia.

Maybe you have an auto-immune disorder? This disorder is also known to cause fatigue and tiredness.
Your bedroom is a total disaster. What is meant by disaster? It is dirty, full of clothes, paper and other stuff. In order to get a proper sleep, your bedroom should be always clean, tidy and comfortable, inspiring you to fall asleep.


You consume too much processed food, like burgers, fries, pasta, bread and other high-carb food. If you wish to get back to normal sleeping routine, load up with fruit, veggies and lean protein. And after all, sleep like a baby!


source: womansday

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