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Life Changing Beauty Hacks With Vaseline

Let’s be real: Vaseline probably isn’t the first thing you think of when considering makeup-bag essentials. It’s one of those unsexy products that none of us remember buying, yet we all have a jar of it lying around somewhere. While it may not be the first (or last) thing you reach for in your daily routine, it’s arguably one of beauty’s most overachieving  multi-taskers. It has innumerable uses that range from eyes, make up, hair, nails, skin etc. It is a small box of wonder which you should definitely have, cause it is capable of the following things:

Tame brows. Apply a very thin layer and set your hairs into place.

Prime eyelids. If you want your makeup stay longer, apply a thin layer before the shadow.

Take care of cuticles. Keep them soft by applying a bit of a gel before bedtime.

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Smooth hair. Rub away the fuzzy hair or hide your split ends by rubbing into tips.

Skin care. Vaseline is a great protection in winter against cold air and wind.

Heal wounds. It can also speed the healing process of cuts, flakes and scratches.

Remove lash glue. Smudge the gel into the lash line with a cotton swab, wait couple of minutes and carefully peel away.

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Add a glowing effect. Apply a touch of vaseline onto your cheeks to make them stand out and create a beautiful natural glow.

Exfoliate the lips. Put a touch of gel onto your toothbrush and gently brush your lips.

Take care of your eyelashes. Apply a little bit of gel on your eye lashes every night before bedtime.

Treating cracked heels. Gently massage the gel onto your heels after evening shower and put on the socks.

Preventing diaper rash. You can prevent it by applying a bit of Vaseline onto baby’s bottom before putting a new diaper.

Lipstick stains. If you made your clothes dirty with lipstick just rub a touch of vaseline before sending it to wash. And if you are afraid to make your teeth covered with lipstick, put a thin layer on your teeth before doing lips.

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After shave care. Keep your legs nicely fresh after shaving by applying the gel.

Fragrance. To extend a nice scent of your perfume, rub a touch of Vaseline onto the areas before spraying your perfume.

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Aid earring insertion. Before putting your favorite ear rings on, rub a bit of Vaseline on your ear lobes.

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