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Did You Know That People With Acne Are Protected From Ageing?

There are good news for those who suffer daily from a bad skin. The new study has shown that people who suffer from acne have actually younger skin with age. As it turns out the signs of ageing are not influencing their skin that much.
The study was performed with women with and without acne and here is what they found out. Women with acne have significantly longer telomeres, which are chromosome caps than those without. What does it actually mean is that their cells are way better protected from deterioration, which comes naturally with age. It has been stated that skin with acne tends to age more slowly that the clear one. The cause of this phenomenon is not really clear according to Simone Ribero, a dermatologist at King’s College London. It might be connected with the length of telomeres which is quite different in those who suffer from acne which leads to better cell protection.

You can consider the telomeres as little plastic caps that sit on the ends of your shoelaces and keep them from fraying. Every time the cell divides, the telomere gets shorter until the point it can no longer replicate. Then this kind of cell either dies or becomes senescent, which means it will no longer function or grow. The process of telomere shortening is often associated with cancer, ageing and shows the higher risk of death.
The issue of telomeres and the question of how to extend its lifespan is a total mystery as well as the question, why only certain cells can produce the enzyme and why there are people who can produce it more and others can’t.
It has been proved that such things as smoking or obesity can accelerate the shortening process of telomeres. This explains why smokers or overweight people tend to look much older than their actual age.

So far the researchers could only find out the link between shorter telomere length, people with acne and slower ageing, but they still work on searching for the reason why people with acne tend to age slower than the rest. There was only one gene pathway that could explain the difference – ZNF420, the only gene that was different in women who suffered from acne and no. It happened to be a pathway that regulated programmed cell death. So maybe the ZNF420 pathway is actually less active in people with acne and that’s how the process of ageing for them is slower.

So those who suffer with their skin at this particular moment can finally be relieved as just in few years you are going to be younger than the rest!


source: sciencealert

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