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How To Look Good Without Makeup?

How often do you go out outside without makeup? Some of the women can’t even imagine going to the nearest shop across the street without putting at least a bit of mascara. What happened to the natural beauty? Thanks to the new standard, a girl without a makeup can’t be pretty by no means. But she can be, and it is so convenient:

Take care of your skin

Using no makeup doesn’t mean you won’t use any beauty products, on the contrary: you will have to take extra care for your skin. Don’t forget the daily cleansing and nourishing that make your skin shine. Covering pimples and red spots with a ton of masking crème will not treat it or improve its general state. If you constantly have skin problems, better to check with a professional and get a proper treatment.


How many girls now have natural eyebrows? With a new fashion boom of thick eyebrows, everybody run to the saloon to get them tattooed or color, or totally change the shape. Nothing wrong with that, but have a look in the mirror at your natural eyebrows, the curve and the shape. It requires minimum of treatment and the result is fabulous.

Healthy eating and water

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Everything comes to the healthy lifestyle: your body needs it. Healthy diet will make you look more fresh, lighter and healthier. Fresh fruit, veggies, fats and proteins should become the best friends of yours. And nobody canceled the 2 liters of water, plus green tea which is amazing antioxidant and makes your skin look brighter and younger for longer period of time.

Kissable lips

These homemade remedies will make your lips look juicy and seducing: try to massage your lips every night with a toothbrush, or apply sugar with honey scrub then rinse and put a little bit of shea butter. You will definitely notice the difference.

The hair

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Beautiful and silky hair is a trademark of every woman. Proper hair care products, masks and oil treatments should be done on regular basis, keeping those locks shiny and soft! Besides men love beautiful hair, that’s kind of a good motivation, isn’t it?

Love yourself

If you don’t love yourself and feel uncomfortable with your own appearance, how do you want the rest of the world believe that you are beautiful without a makeup? Believe in yourself first, and then the rest of us will believe you.


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