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Follow These Steps To Cure Your Baby’s Pain

The reflexology has became viral over the last few decades. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy which states that by pressing certain points on the body you can actually relieve pain. The technique also works in treating babies. Just think about it: what do we usually do to calm the baby down when it cries? We gently rub the back and baby calms down in few seconds. This is also a part of reflexology. Here are few ways how you can use these methods in treating baby’s pain:

Cure- Baby'

Upper or lower abdomen: any stomach discomfort or digestive issues can be soothed if you massage the arch of the feet. Lower part of the arch is responsible for the lower abdominal area. If you massage this area, it may sooth bloating and constipation.
Chest. The area of the foot just above the arch is the one responsible for the chest. If you massage there, it will remove the discomfort from the cough, cold and many other issues. The researches proved that reflexology can treat all the forms of congestion.
Sinuses. The respiratory problems, running nose can be relieved if you massage the center of the foot.

Cure- Baby'

Pelvis. By massaging the heel you will reduce the tightness of the muscles and also issues with posture. But be aware that this is a temporary relief and will not cure the true problem.
Head and teeth. The teeth issues and ear infections can be treated by massaging the tips of the toes.
Solar plexus. It is rather complicated to determine the exact area of pain, as solar plexus is totally made of nerves. But if you manage to find it out, massage the upper area of arch and the pain will go away.


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