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Find Out What Your Ponytail Style Says About You

As it turns out, the regular ponytail that most of the girls tend to do every single day is not a simple hairstyle. Besides being the most ultimate hairdo, which can work for any occasion, either it is an official meeting or a date, it can also tell a lot about who you really are. For example your personality traits, either you are more laid back person or maybe you love spending hours in front of the mirror while applying a makeup. And this is just the top of an iceberg! Find out more right here:

High pony


If you are a fan of a sleek high ponytail like Hailey Baldwin is for example, for sure are a glam girl, but in a good way, as you don’t really care who knows it. Such a ponytail is not easy to do from the first attempt, which means that you don’t mind to spend some extra time to make it look neat.

Mid pony


Is classy and looks good basically on everybody. But you do prefer the comfortable wardrobe, like jeans and shirts and pink lipstick might be your favorite one. This is something that is always in style, and you feel very comfortable with your lucky hairstyle, which is simple and chic at the same time.

Messy pony


If Kendall Jenner’s messy ponytail is something that you always do and like, you are the girl of style and fashion. Because to make messy look gorgeous you need more than just five minutes in front of the mirror, but what to do if you are just a perfectionist.

Half up pony


Have a look at Ariana Grande’s half up hairstyle and say that it is not playful? This hairstyle is screaming of you being totally girly, with all the lace dresses and flower crowns. You are the highlight of the party and you are the one who is planning every single party for you and your friends.

Low pony


Zoe Kravitz’s style is the choice of laid back but cool girls. Missing only your leather jacket and ripped jeans. You don’t care for trends and today’s fashion, cause you follow your own style. Too much makeup is not your way as you prefer the natural look instead.


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