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Experts Reveal What Snacks You Should Eat According To Your Body Type!

No matter if it is morning or evening, whether you are working or having rest, there is always a moment when you start to search for that small snack to put in your mouth! But did you know that you shouldn’t actually eat whatever is available in the fridge, and not even that foods that are really healthy, but your snack should depend on the type of body you have, whether you are an endomorph, ectomorph or maybe mesomorph?

Let’s double check each type and find what type of snacks according to the researches we should have actually eat:
The Endomorphs.

According to the dietitian Gabrielle Maston, you belong to this type if you have high body fat level and tend to get weight pretty fast. For example, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce belong to this group. Such women are usually great in weightlifting or strength based sports, but kind of losing in cardio. So endomorphs should be very active with snacks at all, but if you can’t hold the urge choose the low calorie items like fruit, veggies, yogurt and whole grain crackers.
The ectomorphs.

Women of this category usually have lean and long body according to Ms Maston. It is rather difficult for them to build the muscles and they tend to have smaller bone structure. The great example among celebrities would be Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham. Basically these are the luckiest women, as they can snack with anything they want, but would be better to go for real meals instead of snacks full of carbs, protein and fats. Their meals should be energetic in order to avoid unnecessary weight loss. So don’t be shy to grab some porridge, nut butters or oat cakes.
The Mesomorphs

Are the owners of medium sized frame and rather athletic and lean build, like Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry. These women tend to have low level of body fat and high metabolic rate. The snacks should be high in protein like yogurt, whole grain crackers, hard boiled eggs along with salad and some protein shake.

Find out your type and revise your snack menu!



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Experts Reveal What Snacks You Should Eat According To Your Body Type!
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