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Effective Ways To Treat Hangover

It happens to many of us at least once – the nasty feeling of hangover with a headache and nausea at the same time. Even if you take all precautions, like medicines and drink a lot of water before going to bed, anyway you will stuck with a headache in the morning which you have to kill, before it ruins your day. And here are effective ways to cure the pain in a natural way:


gingerimage source (Image Source)

It is an all purpose digestive aid. You may find it in the popular meals like sushi or simply have a ginger tea. In order to reduce the feeling of nausea mix up ginger juice with water. This powerful antioxidant will make miracles to your body. One thing to keep in mind – don’t consume ginger on empty stomach.


honeyimage source (Image Source)

Another great antioxidant which is full of fructose and glucose. Polish people tend to mix it up with pickle juice to treat the hangover. If such a combination doesn’t sound too attractive to you, simply take few spoons of honey and enjoy its sweet flavor.

Prickly pear

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This amazing fruit will bring back your appetite, reduce the feeling of nausea and will hydrate you.


eggs-hangover-1image source (Image Source)

Eggs contain such an element as cysteine – a powerful amino acid which can break down acetaldehyde, a toxin that’s a byproduct of the oxidation of ethanol. It is the main reason of hangover and eggs are the best medication.

Coca Cola

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They say that Coke was originally invented as a hangover cure. Not sure if it is true, but every time you eat a huge meal and you need to calm down your stomach a glass of cold coke will do this job for you.

Greasy  breakfast

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A heavy breakfast might not be the first thing you dream about in the morning with a hangover, but it will help you to fix the booze- coated belly by itself. The grease food sticks to the stomach walls and in this way slows down the alcohol absorption. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean you will feel fresh like a lettuce afterwards, but at least a little bit better.

Gatorade and banana

bananaimage source (Image Source)

You will need electrolytes, as in the morning you will end up feeling totally dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water might help but consuming electrolytes will hydrate you much faster. Plus your body really needs vitamin B and potassium.

Bloody Mary

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It may sound totally crazy but if you feel really like trash and the mixture of booze you consumed yesterday are making a mess in your tummy you need to drink a bit. Just a touch of booze will help you to recover faster. Make a breakfast cocktail, like a Bloody Mary, it can serve as a booze and a breakfast at the same time.


phoimage source (Image Source)

Your tummy will be happy with this Vietnamese rice noodles, which will hydrate you and fill your glut with nutrition and toxin – fighting spices. Just don’t be too generous with hot sauce.

Pad Thai

pad-thaiimage source (Image Source)

The dish consists of tender noodles, eggs, tamarind juice and a light protein, like chicken, tofu or shrimps which will work like a magic on your tummy.

Matzo ball soup

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The health benefits of matzo balls have been recorded throughout history. It is more known as a Jewish penicillin. The soup will kill your hangover and even reduce the redness in your eyes. Plus, it is absolutely delicious meal!

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