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Do You Want To Live Longer? Have Fun In Your 50s!

‘Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind …..’  

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

You do want to live longer. A secret to the same is out now! If you want to live longer all you need to do is have fun in your 50s- a study conducted by University College London, has revealed.

The implication of the term ‘fun’ definitely has a different meaning to every individual! Hence, here are some testimonials which will aid you to find your definition of fun!


  • Deb- 55 years, working for the NHS! Having lots of grown up girly time is the secret of fun for me. Since, the kids are all grown up; there is more time for socializing. Weekends are for getting together and sleep over. It’s like forgetting how old we are. When we are back home, we feel relaxed and happy. No doubt, my life feels fuller.
  • Sally-51 years, leisure centre cook! I love my apartment which I have resided in since, 5 years. A lot of fresh air and mesmerizing view. It’s the “my time”. I do believe in the importance of friends and family.
  • Julie-55 years, works for Sue Ryder! I spend my day meeting with my friends. I have had the most wonderful time of my life, reliving my teenage years. I and my friends have seen the Bay City Rollers, our 1970s heroes thrice. It was so much fun. It took our memory down the lane. However, now it’s more entertaining and relaxing.


  • Stephen Waller-63 years, airline manager! Just recently I took 6 months unpaid leave to initiate enjoying things. It’s like training for retirement. I spend more time as a couple. We pursue things we enjoy. We took our entire family, children, their partners and our grandchild to Florida. Spending a week in Disneyland and a week on the coast was nothing less than bliss. And, I do not cease here, next we are planning a holiday in Malaysia.
  • Loraine-60 years, retired! My happiness centers on my family. I love spending time with my granddaughter once a week, since the rest of the family is at work. I don’t go to discos anymore, but, I love dancing.


  • Brij Chagga-53 years, bid writer in health sector! My family is my 4 kids and five grandchildren. Fun for me is travelling and visiting my kids in Sheffield. London is tough and I work hard to live.
o-mature-dating-facebook-1Having a creative thing to do with someone else is another secret of happiness, because there’s always someone to motivate you when you’re feeling flat.

North London

  • Jagjit Singh Srai-52 years, Programme director! The essence of my happiness is friendly competition. I feel happy when I play cricket, watch cricket or play football. I like my work. I experience happiness when I win research grants and consultant contracts. My work is my passion and thus it gives me happiness.


  • Paddy-50 years, Bookseller! I live on a boat. And, I run a bookshop from it. I like spending my time with talking to people. The definition of fun for me is doing creative things with someone. It is because the motivation is mutual and so is the kick!


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