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Contouring And Strobing, How To Do It Right?

First question that is already lightning in your mind is what on earth is strobing, right? It is a way of highlighting. In order to make the process of contouring easier, cause the method is really too hard to master, you can get a glowing, dewy effect by highlighting. Though, keep in mind that dewy can turn into sweaty in a blink of an eye, so here are few steps to avoid it:

Get your skin ready with hydrating moisturizer in order to get a super effect with glowing.  For the owners of oily skin, it is better to choose the oil free one.


The highlighter shade should be as close to your skin tone as possible. Just in case if you don’t want to look like from the 90-s.

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Use the highlighter in the places that catch light only, like your cheekbones, temples and the bridge of your nose, below the brow line and in the corners of your eyes. These tricks will highlight your natural features.

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Once you applied the highlighter blend it with your fingers or a fan brush. In order to avoid the makeup lines and the blobs of the product.


If you are the owner of an oily skin, choose the matte bronzer, blush and only use the shimmery highlighter. If you don’t want to look too bright, always go for matte formula of most of your makeup, like primer, foundation, bronzer and powder.

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Make your look stunning and stylish!



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