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Best Natural Remedies For Children

Best Natural Remedies For Children

Parenting involves various things and in which taking care of a sick child plays a major role. There are various reasons which cause illness  and every parent think a lot to strengthen the immunity of the child. Treating a sick child is not an easy task as there are few instances where parents fail to understand the reason of sickness. Handling the common health issues of children becomes easy when parents follow natural remedies as this boosts the immune system and prevents heavy aftereffects of illness.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenYou can rely on some home remedies to treat many of these health issues

Honey  – Common Cold

Raw honey is perfect and a natural remedy for common cold and all its symptoms.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenFor children suffering from the common cold, raw honey is a good remedy due to its antimicrobial properties.

The magical properties of the honey ensure quality, relief and boost the immune system. Give the coughing child 2 spoons of honey along with a spoon of lemon juice as this restores health and even enhances the sleep time.

Ginger – Asthma

Majority of children suffer with this troubling lung disease which is caused due to pollution and allergies. Environment plays a quality role in making children fall as a prey for asthma. Getting rid of the symptoms like short breath, tightness in the chest and a few more is easy with the natural medicine ginger.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenGinger is a time-honored natural treatment for asthma.

Ginger owes several unique properties and improves the condition effectively. The ginger juice or candies are ideal to use and with the anti-inflammatory properties the natural medicine offers a quality relief from asthma.

Olive oil – Earache

Another paining issue seen in the children irrespective of the age is ear aches. The sharp pain makes child suffer a lot. There are various reasons that cause ear ache and in few children the common cold leads to blockage and ear pain.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenThe best treatment for earaches is olive oil, which works as a lubricant and helps get rid of ear infections.

Infections in the passage increase the pain. A warm cloth reduces the pain till some extent. The natural treatment for this is to use lukewarm olive oil, which cleans the ear canal. This acts as a perfect remedy to calm the ear pain by tiring the wax smoother which makes cleaning easy.

Asafetida – Toothaches

Apart from the ear ache the kids mostly suffer with toothache and there are innumerable reasons behind it. Cavities are much common with the kids and this leads to severe pain and tooth decay as just brushing and flossing do not work in a few cases.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenAsafetida, also known as hing, is a good remedy for toothaches.

The natural remedy that reduces the tooth pain is Asafetida. Commonly known as hing this is one amazing natural medicine for tooth aches. Application of fried hing with clarified butter offers better relief to the child with a tooth ache. This can be used for rinsing and wash the mouth to gain lasting relief based on the age of the child.

Fennel – Stomach ache

No child is exception for the stomach ache. Even after drinking excess water kids suffer with stomach ache. There are several reasons behind this pain and the most common ingredient in the kitchen, fennel seeds are the perfect remedy for the ache. By drinking that strained water of the crumbled or powdered fennel seeds in a cup of hot water along with honey kids get a better relief from the stomach pain.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenFennel seeds are a good way to help relieve stomach pain in children due to gas or indigestion

Turmeric – Coughs

Simple season change causes cough and parents must treat it in the initial state. Turmeric is known for excess antibacterial properties. Drinking warm milk along with a pinch of turmeric allow children to get rid of several viral infections.

Best Natural Remedies For ChildrenTurmeric is a good remedy for coughs due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral action.

Common cold, cough and flu along with other asthma and many other health issues are easy to treat with turmeric powder.

So, parents instead of worrying regarding the health issues need to follow natural methods and then improve the health state of children.

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