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Artificial Intelligence Cures Cancer

Artificial Intelligence Cures Cancer

Finally the cure for cancer might be near as early trials indicated that by using artificial intelligence the drugs created could considerably slow down the growth of cancer. According to the data presented at a conference of American Society of Clinical Oncology, such drugs were able to shrink the size of the tumors by almost more than a quarter during clinical trials. This compound which was very successful in controlled clinical conditions would be now upgraded into further advanced trials. Scientists were very optimistic about the chances of the drug in curing cancer developed by merging the two fields of computer science as well as medicine together.

It is a very difficult task for even the brightest minds to distinguish between cancerous cells and normal healthy cells. As a result of which an US biotechnology company named berg is using all the data measured by all its scientists and putting it into its supercomputers. The main motive behind this action was to use artificial intelligence to find a way for switching the cancerous cells back into the healthy ones.

Artificial Intelligence Cures CancerScientists were very optimistic about the chances of the drug in curing cancer developed by merging the two fields of computer science as well as medicine together.

This led to the discovery of the initial drug which was called BPM31510. This drug had the ability to reverse completely the Warburg effect, which is a phenomenon where the cancerous cells could change their supply of energy. Information gathered from around 85 patients led to the observation that this modern approach could be used to kill tumors successfully. Though the trial was mainly aimed to find the toxicity of the cells, one of the patients showed signs where the tumor size was reduced by around 25%.

One of the chief founders of the Berg, Dr Niven Narain, had the opinion that though early days but sill supercomputers were the future of treatment of Cancer.  In an interview with the BBC News Website, he said, “”I think we’re at a very explosive stage, this fusion of biology with technology in helping us understand the basis of this disease more fundamentally.” He further added, “It’s going to allow us to make better decisions on how we develop drugs, to whom we give these drugs to so that we’re able to increase the survival outcome.”

Innovative treatment methods

The information which was gathered from all of these patients were further fed back into the supercomputer and using the artificial intelligence it was determined that which kind of therapy would be most useful in curing the disease. The company believed that cancers which had very high energy demand would be most benefitted by this kind of cure and had plans for developing some advanced trials to treat patients with.

A senior doctor from the Cancer Research UK, Dr. Alan Worsley, said, “We were only at the beginning of harnessing the huge advances in computing to understand cancer.” He further added, “We still don’t fully understand how cancer cells get the energy they need to grow or how this differs from normal cells. It remains to be seen if a drug developed using this information will help cancer patients, but we need to keep finding new ways to find innovative treatments for patients.”

But he also had the opinion that for delivering a more personalized treatment of cancer- which also responded to various genetic changes which took place within each tumor of every patient – then only computers and not the doctors would be the best option to analyze the data.

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