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Ancient Mineral Shilajit – “Destroyer Of Weakness”

Ancient Mineral Shilajit: One Of The Most Prized Naturally Occurring Medicines

Asia, and more specifically the gigantic, magnanimous and alluring Himalayas, has been the most attracting amidst a plethora of destinations. However, the more imperative fact is that they are not simply an epitome of scenic charm, there is much more to it. They are an abode to the most amazing herbs. It is a surety you have heard about the astounding influence of naturally occurring herbs and medicines. It has been the primary source of the most prized medicines throughout the Asia.

So, if you are to witness a tar like substance oozing out from the rocks, in the Himalaya Mountains – it can be Shilajit.

How did natives come to know about Shilajit?

Pack of chimps always liked this tar looking substance. The natives observed that the pack or the chimp, which snacked on the same, seemed stronger, more intelligent and enjoyed a longer life. This made sure that the natives; they started ingesting the night black mineral. And, the experience was as expected; it ensured a restoration of their health. It also managed to increase their cognitive and physical abilities. This is the oral lore heard about the discovery of Shilajit, amongst the natives.

What do the scientific studies say about Shilajit?

  • It is one of the most nutrient dense materials.
  • It contains naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids.
  • It is these 2 constituent that makes sure to detoxify heavy metals.
  • In fact, they have the capability of detoxify pollutant from the human body, which is otherwise hampering the natural function of the body.
  • It inculcates amino acids, ellagic acid, fatty acids and plant sterols. It thus has the most amazing harmonizing effect on the endocrine system.
Ancient Mineral Shilajit: One Of The Most Prized Naturally Occurring MedicinesShilajit is a blackish-brown exudation, of variable consistency, obtained from steep rocks of different formations found in the Altai Mountains

Which process ensured its fabrication?

  • The vegetation which enwrapped Asia was decomposed by the impact of the Nature.
  • Gradually the compactness enhanced, leading to the fabrication of continental plates.
  • So, more than 6,500 different species of ancient plants finally created a thick, black, resin-like substance.
  • This substance was trapped within the Himalayas.
  • It was the monsoon and the pressure which gradually made sure that this tar like substance started oozing out from the cracks in rocks.
Ancient Mineral Shilajit: One Of The Most Prized Naturally Occurring MedicinesWhen direct sun rays pierce the Himalayan mountain regions, a sticky resin exudes. This resin is shilajit. Shilajit is mainly found in the Himalayan ranges.

What are the benefits associated with ingesting Shilajit or taking it as a medicine?

  1. It reduces excess stress.
  2. It aids in the restoration of the balance to one’s system.
  3. It promotes sound sleep.
  4. It provides with endurance, strength and stamina.
  5. It restores sexual function.
  6. It enhances cognitive abilities.
  7. It improves mood.
  8. It extends one’s lifespan.
  9. It aids in reducing pain and inflammation. Hence, those dealing with arthritis can benefit with it immensely.
  10. It acts as a re-mineralizer.
  11. It is also used for treating allergies.

However, with a plethora of benefits associated with Shilajit, there is a possibility that you come across a fake medicinal copy of the same. Hence, you need to make sure to avail the best quality Shilajit for taking benefit from its many attributes.

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