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Add These 5 Foods To Your Breakfast To Boost Metabolism

Breakfast is an important component of healthy eating and good nutrition. We are all aware that it has to be the main meal of the day, but still continue skipping it and leave more space for delicious dinner. But even if you do eat breakfast the choice of the foods should be done smartly as well. In order to get the most of healthy benefits and make your body boost metabolism, consider adding this food into your daily breakfast:

1. Proteins

When the stomach is totally empty is releases ghrelin, which sends the signals to our brain about being extremely hungry. According to the science, dietary protein is the one that can eliminate the production of ghrelin, so you will eat less and will feel more satisfied. Therefore don’t neglect adding yogurt, nuts or hard-boiled eggs into the morning routine.

2. Replace sweet with savory

Unfortunately having cereals, loaf bread and muffins will rapidly increase the blood sugar level in your body. So if you belong to those people who don’t mind to start their morning with yesterday’s marinara with meatballs, you start to enjoy the benefits of savory food right away. And no sugar added at all.

3. Add some fats


Morning is the time when we load our body with energy for the whole day. Healthy fats in your breakfast will provide you with sufficient amount of power and boost the metabolism as well. But don’t forget that only healthy fats have such healthy benefits, which are coconut oil, avocado, nuts and almond butter. And don’t be too generous, few tablespoons will be enough.

4. Add vegetables

They are extremely rich in fiber and help with bowel movements. And it is easy enough to add them to your breakfast. Especially if you combine it in the following way: if you eat eggs add some onion, pepper or spinach to it. You will end up with a totally healthy breakfast full of vitamins which will increase the level of metabolism right away.

5. Give preference to steel cut oats

The difference between steel cut oats and rolled ones is that steel ones have the same amount of nutrients and can provide you with the feeling of being full, but without rapid changed of blood glucose levels. And don’t forget oats are a great weapon against extra weight!


source: supertastyrecipe

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