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9 Natural Energy Boosters That Just Might Change Your Life

If you need a double  shot of espresso just to bring your eyelids to half-mast in the morning, you may be driving yourself deeper and deeper into a low-energy rut.

As our energy levels decrease because of our overstressed lifestyles, many people look for a quick fix to combat fatigue. Energy drinks mask the symptoms of fatigue and dehydrate the body. The majority of energy drinks contain excess sugar, high levels of caffeine and other stimulants.

Put down that energy shot! There’s no need to chug crazy canned concoctions or buckets of coffee to get through the day without a 3 p.m. slump. We found 9 quick and easy tips to up energy levels—no unpronounceable chemicals required.

1. Try something new

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According to the researchers, when people do something totally new the brain releases dopamine, which also gears you up to do more and more. So in other words, take a trip to a new country, and when you are back you will be refreshed and ready to start some home project.

2. Move around

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The more active you are, the better blood circulation you have, which is important for energy, as blood is the one that brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells – muscles and brain. If you spend most of the time sitting, stand up couple of times, ideally once per hour to give your body a stretch.

3. Take a deep breath

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Shallow breathing doesn’t allow your body get enough oxygen. The general principles of correct breathing are to make it deeper, slower, quieter, and more regular.

4. Regular Exercise

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Working out is the best way to boost energy stores by conditioning the body to make optimal use of oxygen and glucose – the two major sources of fuel. All you need is just half an hour of work out three times per week to see the increasing level of energy. If you have no time for hitting the gym, simple walking on regular basis can do this trick for you.

5. Grazing

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“Eating consistently―three small meals with  snacksin between―keeps your blood-sugar level even, so you don’t experience the highs and lows that occur when you go too long without food,” says Molly Kimball, a registered dietitian at the Ochsner Clinic’s Elmwood Fitness Center, in New Orleans.  In a perfect situation, your meal should contain carbohydrates and protein, so make a stock of whole grains, nuts and cheese to kill your hunger.

6. Do something you love

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 Researchers have found out that watching funny movies, dancing and talking to fun people can boost your energy. It rises the level of endorphins, the same chemicals that are released during workout. While you are filling up your life with energizing experience and fun activities, try to avoid people who drag you behind and take away your energy.

7. Drink enough liquid

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If you don’t consume enough liquid, you may feel tired and have a headache. So make sure you have that glass of water always next to you. Majority of people drink a lot in the morning and later on forget, but afternoon is the time when you need to stay awake and be full of energy. Try to limit yourself to one cup of coffee in the morning and during the day have a nice cup of hot green tea instead.

8. Calm down

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If your mind is packed with thoughts and worries, your body secrets the stress hormones – cortisol, which in time can totally ruin your body.   “Worrying is like putting a hole in your gas tank,” says Teitelbaum. “Unless you do something to stop it, you’re draining energy away.” Try practicing yoga, meditation and remind yourself that there is no trouble that can’t be fixed.

9. Spend time outside

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 At least once a day try to get out of the office, as researchers show that outdoors reduces the stress hormones and lowers the blood pressure. Being in the sun increases the production of serotonin, which gives you a nice wave of energy and lifts up your spirits.

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