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9 Natural Homemade Remedies That Really Work

9 Natural Homemade Remedies That Really Work

What the eyes perceive in herbs or stones or trees is not yet a remedy; the eyes see only the dross.


Mothers always have the best home remedies for almost everything. However, as you grow up you cease to believe in the natural pain relievers, homemade headache medication and even the herbal preparation which soothes a cold.

Hence, here is provided a list of 9 home remedies which really work (Mothers are indeed always right!):

1. Gargle to ward off the cold

– If you feel that very soon cold is going to come to you, it is highly recommended to gargle with plain water. In accordance with a study gargling has been effective in preventing URTIs that is Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

2. Prevent swimmer’s ears

– If you have a punctured eardrum you can definitely aid in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi, which have the capacity to cause swimmers’ ears. The medication should include a combination of one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol. You are required to pour 1 tsp into each ear, and let it drain back out.

9 Natural Homemade Remedies That Really WorkTo prevent swimmer’s ear mix one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol

3. Nausea on trips

– When you are on a trip, make sure to pack a couple of pieces of ginger. It is of aid when you are dealing with symptoms of seasickness, morning sickness and even nausea. In fact, ginger also aids in combating indigestion and gas related problems.

4. Honey for cough

– This has been of aid in children as well. Give a spoonful of honey to the kid at bedtime. It helps to fight cough.

5. For smiling teeth

– Carrots and crunchy apples are good for your body. But, they are also a big help to give you pearly white teeth. The fruits and veggies help to remove stains from your teeth.

6. Tape the warts

– The brown colored warts are harmless. But, they can be passed from an individual to another by physical contact. Hence, clean the area and cover it with duct tape. There is a good probability that it will help in freezing them off and smooth out the skin.

7. Chicken soup for colds

– It is amazing, but, chicken soup has the capability to make you feel better when you are sick. The acumen could be that it is able to put a restriction on the swift movement of neutrophils, which are the ones responsible for acute infection. Hence, make sure to consume the chicken soup whenever you experience cold. The chicken soup helps in triggering the symptoms of a cold.

9 Natural Homemade Remedies That Really WorkThe chicken soup helps in triggering the symptoms of a cold

8. Smelly feet

-Smelly feet have the best remedy in vodka. You are required to soak a washcloth in the liquor and then rub it on your feet. The alcohol which is present in vodka helps in triumphing on the odor causing bacteria and fungi.

9. Ice for headaches

– If you are suffering with migraine at the back or the neck or head, ice can numb away the pain. Hence, make sure to use pack of ice on any sort of pain, it will aid you better.

9 Natural Homemade Remedies That Really Work

So, now you know that in case of pain, cold and even warts you do not really need the medicinal preparation, just some home ingredients!

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