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4 Health Benefits of Almonds Nutrition

Almonds are an excellent source of protein, magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and many other important elements. By eating almonds on regular basis you may get calcium, iron, B vitamins and healthy fats. But keep in mind that they also contain a high amount of calories and monounsaturated fats, so don’t get used to them too much. But a small amount now and then can improve the following health issues:
Improve memory and thinking skills. Brain loves almonds, as vitamin is the one which preserves memory function. Also thanks to zinc, the bran cells are protected from being damaged by free radical. And B-6 will help with protein metabolism, which is responsible for brain cell’s repair.

Weight Loss. These nuts help to lose weight due to the nutrient density. Fiber, protein and monounsaturated fats in almonds will definitely make you feel full and nourished, which means less cravings for bad snacks.
Birth defects. Almonds are essential for pregnant women, as they help for baby to develop properly and eliminate the risk of birth defects thanks to a big amount of folic acid, which is the one responsible for cells growth and tissue formation.

Almonds strengthen bones. These nuts also very rich in calcium and phosphorus, two elements which maintain bone health. They also contain magnesium and potassium, which are also significant for strong and healthy bones. You may start adding almonds milk or butter to your diet for making your bones stronger and reduce the risk of getting such diseases as osteoporosis.


source: healthyrecipesandideas

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