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3 Simple Steps Which Aid In Faster Weight Loss, Backed By Science

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”

~Maya Angelou

Those dresses which are kept in your closet, the sweaters which have ceased to fit you, the short skirt that you no longer wear, the trousers which continue to increase in size, and that look which you want to aspire! Enough of motivation! What is the plan?

The plan should be such that it aids in:

1. Reducing your appetite.

2. Aid in losing weight faster.

3. Enhance your metabolic health.

The plan

Considering the objective aim which needs to be achieved, here is the 3 point plan:

Cut sugar and starches


-When you remove sugar and starches (carbohydrate) from your diet, it will aid in lowering the insulin level. This in turn will reduce your appetite and help in losing weight without hunger.

Consume protein, fat and vegetables


-Your meal should consist of a protein source, a low-carbohydrate vegetable and a fat source. With this your carbohydrate intake will reach the value of 20-50 grams per day hence, again helping in lowering the insulin level.

Lift weights three times a week


-Either join a gym and lift weight or do cardio workouts. Both will help in faster weight loss.


Here is a list of 10 tips which will aid in ensuring the plan works well:


– Your breakfast should inculcate protein rich constituents. When, you take a high protein breakfast it reduces craving and in turn the calorie intakes throughout the day.

Sugary drinks and fruit juice

– The canned sugary drinks and fruit juice are the easiest to get hold to. However, they include the most fattening things, which you can put in your body. Hence, make sure to avoid them to help you lose weight.

Before meal

– Almost half an hour before meal, drink water. In accordance with a study this aids in 44 % weight loss in 3 months.

Select the weight loss friendly foods

– Simply type on the Google search engine and you will easily be able to avail lists of most weight loss friendly foods on the Earth, it will be of great aid to your weight loss program.

Consume soluble fiber

-If you have that excess fat in the belly area, soluble fiber will be able to pursue the needful. A study has shown that the soluble fibers have the capacity to reduce fat.


– If you like coffee or tea, continue to drink it. It is because caffeine is the best component which can aid in boosting your metabolism.


Unprocessed food

– You have heard about the whole foods, have seen them on the shelves, but never bought them. Well, its time you start doing it, and inculcating in your diet for fast weight loss.

Slow eaters

– If you are a slow eater, it is good for your weight, as it makes you fuller and enhances the weight reducing hormones.

Smaller plates

– Whether you are eating lunch, breakfast or dinner use smaller plates. It works in eating less.

Have a nice sleep

– When you avail a good sleep at night, it does not let fat accumulate in your body.


The benefits of the process

In the first week time you will be able to lose almost 5 to 10 pounds of weight with the plan and the tips.

So, go ahead a fit – you is waiting!

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