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The 21-Day Weight Loss Diet Instructions

The 21-Day Weight Loss Diet Instructions

There are few common rules to follow when you are trying to lose weight and there is no better day to start a weight-loss program than today. The following 21 day weight loss diet program will show you smart ways how to stay full longer, add more protein to your daily meals and actually enjoy your food without consuming fats and calories:

Start your morning with a oolong tea

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This kind of tea has been proven to boost metabolism which boosts weight loss, lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar.

Limit the consumption of coffee to one cup per day

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If you are in love with your morning coffee you don’t actually need to give it up. Just limit it to one cup per day and sweeten it up with a nut milk and stevia.

Eat half an avocado for breakfast

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Avocados are a great source of healthy elements, like fatty acids, which are also present in olive oil. They boost weight loss, target belly fat and improve the overall appearance of your skin. You can either have it plain or with a toast instead.

Choose your 3 snacks a day

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One of the best ways to fuel your metabolism and stay energized during the day is by having healthy snacks throughout a day. You can choose such options as nuts, veggies unlimited with some olive oil, or few fruit and berries. It will sooth your craving for chips or sweets and will keep you full all day long.

Load up with veggies during the lunch

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Since non-starchy veggies are low in carbs and calories and high in vitamins and fiber, they make for an excellent choice when the hunger pangs kick in.  Such veggies as Brussels sprouts, radish and kale are very low in glycemic index, so they don’t turn on the hunger button in your body. Try a large bowl of spinach salad for the lunch topped with a cup of lentils.

Go meatless for dinner

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Because vegetable proteins like beans, tofu, seeds, and tempeh tend to have less fat than animal proteins, people that stick to plant-based diets tend to consume fewer calories and saturated fat in general. Going meatless can also help prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity, making it an excellent decision for dieters looking to shed some pounds and keep them off for good.

Be careful with your animal protein and dairy

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If you follow this diet, fish, eggs, poultry and red meat should be consumed no more than twice per week, along with cheese and milk products.

Cut off the following foods

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You should stay far away from artificial sweeteners, processed meats and sugar. Instead you can consume balsamic vinegar as much as you want, various spices and sparkling water.

source: doctoroz

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