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Usual Objects Reveal Their Thoughts In Funny Illustrations

We all had at least once a question, what would simple objects like avocado or a flower pot on your window sill think about if they could think? Illustrator Charly Clements decided to give us an answer to this question in witty and adorable illustrations – Real Life Lines. The artist brings to life inanimate objects, adds few sharp comments as if they are their thoughts. These cute illustrations carry their own story, expressing thoughts, feelings and concerns as if they are human beings.


The Real Life Lines is actually an Instagram based project and besides being funny and cute, it actually has another goal. Every single image of Clement’s illustrations is  linked to people who took the picture or produced the object initially. In this way, she wanted to promote her favorite people in fun and creative way, and the goal has been definitely achieved, as these pictures are totally awesome.




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