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This Genius Book Is A Series Of Puzzles

Which you need to solve if you want to continue reading. The Codex Silenda is a combination of two ultimate pastimes: books and puzzles, which you have to solve in order to continue reading the story. And don’t even hope to have some simple word games and math problems, as the mechanical puzzle is a rather complicated one, crafted from laser cut out wood, that are embedded within each part of the 5 pages book. So in order to move to the next page you need to unlock the puzzle. Once you unlock the puzzle, you can enjoy the story showing up on the pages opposite the puzzles.

Whom we have to say thank you for such a nifty book is designer Brady Whitney, who is pulling the project on the Kickstarter. So if you got tired of reading usual books, try to read the Codex Silenda instead.



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