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This DIY Pikkpack Sandal Allows You To Make Sandals By Yourself

The leather lace-up sandal is an actual DIY kit, which gives you a chance to assemble and make the sandals they way you want them to be. The colorful criss-cross straps add a stylish touch to the shoes making this simple silhouette very elegant and cute at the same time. The slip-on footwear comes in a special pack, including the colored laces and leather section, so you can stitch the materials together.

img_2_1468317602_dc54b53edd293c19459eea557e702f6beva szombat

We can say thank you for such an unusual thing to designer Sara Gulyas, who was actually supposed to write a thesis but decided to turn it into a burgeoning fashion startup. The inspiration originally came from the Hungarian traditional shoe – “bocskor”, the trick of the shoe lies in using only one single piece of leather stitched together.

The modern version of the shoes adds a bit more colorful touch by attaching the DIY aesthetic to the cultural shoe making tradition.

If you don’t like any of the shoes available in the market, now you have a chance to make one by yourself!

img_6_1468317602_9aa0f29a601d3c0ed7ba19fbc5c3d665eva szombat
img_3_1468317602_50e29fba21b8eecccfc5b4e2ae0132daeva szombat
img_7_1468317602_f5b872a1b1e1764eae37ec5b7cd4b638eva szombat
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Featured Image: Eva Szombat

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