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This Dad Creates Super Awesome Sculptures To Make Eating More Fun For His Daughter With Severe Food Allergies

Adam Perry wakes up every morning to turn the basic breakfast toast into 3D art and make the meals more fun and entertaining for his youngest daughter, who is on a restricted diet due to suffering from severe food allergies.


Perry felt really bad when he had to serve his small girl every morning the same dull toast with sunflower oil on top, and was looking for the way to add variety and fun to the whole process. This was the moment when he decided to get creative and by using simple knife he started to carve the crusts into boats, houses, boomboxes and more. Now he is not shy to share his craft even on Instagram.

Now, his nine year old girl is excited every morning to see what her dad has invented today and her older sister is excited about the project as well. Remember when they told you not to play with your food? This is not the case, here you can play and craft everything you want for your whole family.



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