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The Prettiest Retirement Home On Earth

When the years pass by and the retirement is getting closer, many older people start thinking of the place where to spend their time peacefully and relaxed. This new elegant home is designed specially to accommodate few ladies and gentlemen and their care takers and is not just beautiful, but also functional.


The home was designed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma and the house is called “Jikka”. There are five buildings arranged in the square formation. But in the center of the building you will find a cute spiral shaped pool, which is extremely easy to reach with a wheelchair.

The region where “Jikka” can be found is located in mountainous region known as Shizuoka Prefecture and provides easy passages to various facilities in each section. There is a living space, a work space and huge kitchen. Don’t forget about the pool of course.

It’s cute shape and beautiful interior makes this house a perfect place for retirement.



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