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Surreal Paintings of Women Lost In Thought Depicted Through Chaotic Abstraction

A talented artist and photographer Soey Milk created a new gallery of amazing portraits of women who got lost in their thoughts depicted in the perfect harmony of abstraction and photorealism. The artist manages to combine balanced color patterns with realistic portraiture skills on the one hand and surrealism on the other. These masterpieces can’t be left unnoticed thanks to the unique elements that capture everybody’s attention.


You can notice in Milk’s artwork the focus on the female forms, the way she highlights the figure, curves and gives a feminine and light shape to her models. Along with detailed portrays the background details are the ones that make you think there is something hidden behind this charming female. The surreal swirls create an atmosphere of mystery and romance at the same time. Admiring combination of realistic details found in portraits is truly amazingly harmonized with abstract elements.


source: mymodernmet

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