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Japan’s Fantastic Museum Dedicated To Face-Like Rocks

One of the quirkiest museums in Japan is located just two hours from Tokyo in the town of Chichibu. The museum – Chinsekikan is nothing like you have seen before, as here you won’t learn anything about geology but instead spend couple of hours wandering among weird rock exhibitions, such as Elvis Presley Rock or even Boris Yeltsin. These rocks will literally remind you the faces of the most popular celebrities and the collection features around 1700 pieces, among which 900 are the face ones.

The museum was formed by avid collector Shozo Hayama, who spent 50 years collecting naturally eroded rocks reminding faces. He passed away in 2010, and Mr. Hayama’s wife is running now the museum the way it is.

Currently there are so many rocks on display that some of them have no names, so the owner sometimes encourages visitors to give one.



source: boredpanda

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