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Incredibly Detailed 19th Century Photo Studio In Miniature

Turkish artist Ali Alamedy has been creating his miniatures for the last seven years until he came across the documentation of Charles Miner’s photography studio from the early 1900s. This was the inspiration hit for the artist, who decided to create a studio of his own in 1:12 scale.


Ali spent around nine months to complete the project, as he had to built over a hundred of different mini objects to fit the new version of studio.

Unfortunately, there are not so many pictures available of the studios at that time, that’s why Ali spent lots of time reading to figure out what tools, equipment and colors were mostly used in the studios of 1900s. Plus, don’t forget that all available photos were black and white only.

One of the biggest challenges in all this project was a camera design. What made it so complicated? In original size each fold is just 3 cm, so to design the camera in version of 1:12, the fold became 124 mm and were created carefully by hands only.


Images [email protected] Ali Alamedy

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