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Geode Wedding Cake: A New Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

Are you looking for something extraordinary to replace typical towering iced creations for your wedding? Geode cake is the latest trend which is cutting the edge. The bakers are using colourful sugar rocks to create intricate crystal formations inside a frosted cake, they look stunning and pop up all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Rachel Teufel, Colorado-based baker, was the one of the first to popularise the geode cake, when her amazing creation went viral earlier this year.

The edible geode is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy and then crafted with multicolored modeling chocolate, hand-painting and gold leaf. The amethyst geode cake took about 16 hands-on hours to create, in addition to hours of planning prior to making the cake.

At present, there are more than 500 geode cakes filled with what-look-like crystals on Instagram, while countless bakeries have fallen over themselves to re-create the style first made popular by Australian pastry chefs.



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