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Amazing Portraits Of Modern Women Wearing Traditional Ukrainian Wreaths

These stunning portrays are a stylish way of women paying tribute to their country – traditional wreaths have been a part of traditional costumes for hundreds of years already.


The wreaths are called vinoks and were one of the most remarkable symbols in the revolution of 2014.
Now, Slavic workshop, Treti Pivni is getting popularity by making amazing portrays of modern young and old women wearing the vinoks as a bid to pay homage to their homeland.

The wreaths can be made of various flowers and leaves and believed to date back to pre-Christian times and originally resembled the symbol of virginity and marital eligibility.
During the wedding ceremony, the vinok would be replaced by an ochipok – it is another type of headdress, which is expected to be worn by married women till the rest of the life.
The tradition came back and now many women start to wear them during the wedding ceremonies and on special occasions or holidays.

Traditionally the vinoks can be made either of paper or fresh flowers and ribbons, attached to stiff paper band. Before even the coins, feathers and grass were used for decoration the wreath. Now the trend of wearing the vinoks is going far beyond Ukraine and even the New York hair stylist Ilker Akyol uses vinok as inspiration for floral crowns he created specially for the party earlier this year.

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