Bird That Looks Like Donald Trump Is A Viral Sensation

Donald Trump hairdo should make most people feel uneasy about his decision-making abilities. It is also emblematic of his need for some honest self reflection. But those arguments are moot at this point, because his swirly blonde coif is now a United States symbol. However, Trump is not the only one owner of a blond hairdo. The funny bird that looks quite alike newly elected president of USA has been bothering Democrat supporters in New York.

The famous bird is a golden pheasant who made its fame for glorious crest was discovered in a garden in the borough of Queens by some Democrat supporters.

bird-trumpimage source (Image Source)

Donald Trump always refused to admit he wears a toupee, but he would definitely appreciate a doppelganger’s natural head of hair. Democrat supporters called authorities claiming that “Donald Trump was in their back yard”. Authorities have no idea what the pheasant was doing in New York borough, but believe that it was ordered online by someone who had no permit to have such kind of bird, which is native to China. By the end of the day it was taken to the Wild Bird Fund rehab center.

trumpimage source (Image Source)

“He likes strutting around the place,” Rita McMahon, the centre’s executive director, told the newspaper.

“He is quite the man about town. He is very interested in the other female birds here – even though they are not his species.He actually tries to mount some of the ducks. There’s one in particular named Siena. And she’s not opposed to it”.
Trump’s doppleganger might bring him a rather devastating fame.

source: telegraph

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