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Using Avocado As A Bun For Your Sandwich

Avocado has become really famous recently, starting with avocado ice cream invention, then avocado flower and mouse. The new way of using avocado now is as a bun, instead of the all favorite bread bun in a classical burger. The whole theme started by Colette Dike, a food guru from Netherlands, who posted a picture on Instagram of having a special burger, where instead of a bun was halved avocado and stuffed with chickpea burger plus some grilled baby sweetcorn.


But recently she managed to set up a whole classic cheeseburger in the new avocado bun and another one featured feta, bacon and a fried egg on top.


But making such a sandwich is not easy, as cutting in such half is already against the whole theory of cutting avocado, plus taking out the pit in this case becomes really complicated. And forget about eating eat it like a real burger, cause your fingers will literally merge into the avocado flesh.


But the taste is really cool, especially if you toss some tomatoes, lettuce and some crispy bacon, plus sprinkle it over with sesame seeds. You might consider using a fork and a knife and turn your avocado sandwich into avocado salad instead!


featured image: guestofaguest

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