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10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Vegetarian

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Vegetarian

Only fools argue whether to eat meat or not.

They don’t understand truth, nor do they meditate on it.

Who can define what is meat and what is plant?

Who knows where the sin lies, being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?

Guru Nanak

Many of us choose to opt for a meat-free diet and some may go for a diet free of any animal produce. Whatever is your preference to eat is a contentious issue.

Here is a list of five pros and five cons that you may want to consider before opting for a vegan diet.


1 – Vegetarian diets are expensive

A diet consisting of pizza, fries, and super-sized cups of soda may technically be categorized as a vegetarian diet. However, when we hear the vegetarian, we generally think of a diet full of fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce like these costs a lot of money.

A study revealed that when incomes drop and family budgets shrink, people tend to choose cheap and high-energy foods. Generally, when there is an increase in the costs of food items, people immediately tend to opt out of high-quality proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

2 – Vegetarian diets are worse if it is not followed properly

There is a pre-conception that our bodies do not receive the essential minerals and vitamins from vegan diets. However, this is not true. It is possible to get all the nutrients in our body without any meat or animal products in your diet.

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A VegetarianVegetarians eat should be a balanced diet with plenty of nutrients

Although, following a complete vegan diet may be difficult for some, there may be others who can face a sustainability issue. One such nutrient is Vitamin B12. Vegans have to take supplements for this Vitamin as it is largely found in animal products. The Vitamin B12 may not fit the budget of people belonging to the low-income group.

3 – Demand for exotic produce can harm the environment

If the world stopped consuming meat completely, then a massive global shift in lifestyle would take place. Not every part of the world can grow a particular fruit or vegetable throughout the year. This means, food products will have to reach places where a particular product cannot be grown.

For instance, more exotic health food like quinoa will have to be shipped across the world which means exports to countries will increase. The country should be in a position to meet the demands on time and adequately.

4 – A vegetarian diet will harm animals

Even if you wish to turn a vegan, your hands will be still soaked in blood. It is impossible to produce food without harming animals.

For example, field mice are hurled into a thresher along with tons of stalks of corn while the natural habitat of tree creatures are lost when the trees are razed to the ground to create fields.

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A VegetarianField mice are hurled into a thresher along with tons of stalks of corn

5 – Vegetarians suffer from health problems

Vegetarians need to make concrete effort to meet the nutritional demands of their bodies. According to a study conducted in 2014, it was found that vegetarians had a poor health due to nutritional deficiencies in their diet.


 1 – Vegans are thinner

Vegetarians include plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Vegetables and fruits seldom contain saturated fat and as a result the BMI of vegetarians is always low when compared to meat eaters.

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A VegetarianFresh fruit and vegetables seldom contain saturated fats, and the fats contained in things like nuts and seeds are more easily metabolized by the body.

The fats that the vegans receive through nuts and seeds are easily metabolized by their bodies. Vegans consume more fiber and less cholesterol. As a result, their arteries and colon are less clogged than a person who relishes red meat regularly.

2 – Vegetarian diet is rich in rare vitamins and minerals

Vegans struggle to get certain vitamins and minerals that are found in meat products. In order to fulfil this demand, vegetarians consume supplements and gain the benefit of also consuming less common nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

A study revealed that a vegetarian diet has many health benefits as it is rich in fiber, folic acid, Vitamin C and E, potassium, magnesium and other phytochemicals and an unsaturated fat content.

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A VegetarianVegetarians and vegans tend to have a lower BMI than meat eaters

3 – Vegan diet provides antioxidants

Since vegetarians consume ample of fruits and vegetables, their bodies are enriched with antioxidant or fighting and prevention properties. In other words, their body is well protected from nasty ailments and health problems.

4 – Vegetarian diet improves your mood

A random study conducted in 2012 showed that individuals who consumed meat were in a better mood when they were put on restrictive diet for two weeks.

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A VegetarianResearchers suggest vegetarian diet can improve your mood

Although this study is not conclusive, it is always better to munch into extra apples instead of flesh and have your colon clogged.

5- Vegan diet prevents heart attack

This is the most controversial topic to discuss. However, increasing evidence shows that a vegan diet can prevent horrible diseases particularly heart disease.

Red and processed meat is linked to all kinds of cancer and vegans avoid this malice. So, they stand a less risk of encountering any life-threatening side-effects after consuming it. Although there are many more pros and cons of following a vegan diet, you can still form a nuanced opinion after reading this article.


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