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Time For The Lazy Lasagna

Lasagna is one of the most famous Italian dishes, gentle, juicy and totally delicious. But when you think of the idea of cooking it at home, for sure your mind draws the pictures of the whole load of work you will have to do for a moment of happiness. But here is a new recipe of lazy lasagna, which won’t demand too much effort, but the taste will remain the same awesome.


Pasta – 1 lb (any medium size pasta shape)
Olive oil – 1/2 Tablespoon
ground beef -3/4 -1 lb
onion – 1 large, minced
garlic- 3-5 cloves, minced
salt, ground black pepper, to taste
Italian seasoning- 1 Tbsp
parsley and basil – 1 Tablespoon
can crushed tomatoes- 1 (28 oz.)
heavy cream – 1/2 cup
grated mozzarella cheese- 1 lb
Cheese filling:
Cottage or ricotta cheese – 1 lb2 eggs
Parmesan cheese – 1/2 cup
Mozzarella cheese – 1/2 cup
Salt, pepper
Garlic powder and/or grated nutmeg, optional

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a large pot of salted water on the stove to cook the pasta. Boil the pasta around 3 minutes only, less than it is written on the package, as you need it to be slightly undercooked. Drain the pasta, and save around1/2 water left from boiling.

Meanwhile, in a skillet, heat the oil and brown the ground beef. The meat should also be a little bit undercooked, as it will be placed in the oven later. The amount of beef is up to your taste: for meat lovers one pound will be perfect amount.

Add the onion, garlic and season with salt and ground black pepper. Cook for about 8 minutes, on medium heat until the onion gets golden color.

Pour in the crushed tomatoes and the dry herbs, whatever you have. Italian herbs and spices would be perfect for this dish, though if you don’t have any – a combination of parsley, oregano, basil will be perfect to go. Mix everything together and continue cooking for another 8-10 minutes, covered, on medium low heat.

While the sauce is cooking, mix the cottage cheese or ricotta, up to your taste, eggs, Parmesan cheese and Mozzarella cheese. Season with ¼-1/2 teaspoon of salt, ground black pepper. To add a little bit more flavor – you might use garlic or nutmeg powder.

Once the sauce is done, add the heavy cream and herbs, stir it properly and pour the mixture into the cooked pasta. Here you can add a bit of saved water to loosen it up a bit.

Put half of the pasta mix into the dish, where you are going to back and top it up with a bit of cheese feeling, plus a bit of Mozzarella on top. Put the second layer of pasta and do the same procedure.

IMG_8046 - Version

The lasagna is ready to be placed into oven. The timing will depend, either all ingredients are fresh and still warm. At this point, you can actually freeze the lasagna, if you don’t plan to cook it now. Just cover it up with aluminum foil and place in the fridge. For those who can’t wait- put the dish in the oven covered, let it cook for around 10 minutes and remove the cover to let the cheese become golden crispy! Bon Appetite!



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