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These Foods Make Cancer Cells Grow And Develop In Your Body!

food that creates cancer

 Medical research and ancestral wisdom point us to the foods that contain nutrients that prevent and/or kill cancerous cells in the body. But are there any foods that cause cancer to develop and grow?

Bellow are cancer causing foods to avoid to stave off cancer; they may not directly cause cancer but they sure do contribute towards the condition.

Farmed salmon

Unfortunately the name of the food doesn’t mean it is naturally raised, as farmed salmon is fed unnaturally and is full with antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and other cancer causing agents. Due to their feeding system, they also have less solid omega-3, which is salmon usually famous for.

Canned tomatoes

Every single canned product comes with a chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA. According to the studies performed in May 2013, the BPA has a huge influence on the way genes work in rats. When it comes to tomatoes, they are even more hazardous due to their high level of acidity, which happens to make BPA leech from the lining of the can into tomatoes themselves.

Soda Pop

The latest study performed in May shows that people who consumed more than one soda per day had a higher danger of stroke hat those who didn’t stick to soft drinks. Soda drinks are full with sugar and are a great source of calories causing the fast weight gain. Plus soda is the key driver in causing gastro-esophageal reflux sickness.

Processed meats

processed-meatimage source (Image Source)

According to the journal of BMC Medicine, all the processed meat contains salts and chemicals that are harmful for our well being. Such meat contains various chemicals and additives including sodium nitrates, which make it look very appealing and fresh, but they still remain as cancer-causing agents.

Microwave popcorn

Wikipedia points out that microwave popcorn contains such a chemical as perfluorooctanoic acid, a poison which can be also found in Tefloin. According to some studies it is a reason to infertility in ladies, as well as it can cause the danger of kidney, bladder and liver.

Potato chips

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This snack is rich in both calories and fat. Being fried in high temperatures in order to keep them firm causes them to make a material called acrylamide, the agent which is also found in cigarettes.

Highly salted, smoked or pickled food

Smoking foods, for example, meat or nuts causes these nourishment items to ingest significant amounts of the tar that smoke produces. Tar is a known cancer-causing agent. These products are cured by utilization of nitrates and nitrites which serve as preservatives and add color to meat. Under certain conditions, these chemicals change once they are inside the body and transform into the N-nitroso composites which are connected with a great increase of danger of causing cancer.


Genetically modified organisms are the foods that have been modified by chemicals and which have been grown with chemicals. The study done with rats who consumed GMO food revealed in the animals damaged invulnerable immune systems along with smaller brains and liver.

Refined Sugars

refined-sugarimage source (Image Source)

This sort of sugar spikes insulin levels and is the most perfect food for cancer cells. It was proved back in 1931 that tumors and cancers feed themselves and grow in size by using sugar. Such food as cakes, cereals, sauces and juices are stacked with refined sugar and no wonder why tumor rates are so high nowadays.

Red meat

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 Some researchers have shown that regular consumption of red meat leads to the danger of breast, prostate and colon cancer. You may still enjoy your favorite piece of steak just in moderate quantity and not every single week though.


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