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The Secret Reason Why A McDonald’s Coke Tastes The Best

The Secret Reason Why A McDonald’s Coke Tastes The Best

Do you wonder too, how does that chilled icy coke at McDonalds taste so much better than anywhere else? Yes! We have been drinking coke after that much done shopping, either at Subway or Burger King. But have we ever realised the difference in taste? The taste at McDonalds is just immense and highly satisfying. But that is not certainly the thing you can get anywhere. No doubt, the McDonalds makes attempts to serve their customers with the original and preserved taste of the drink. With that Burger and fries, the icy cold Coca-Cola is just a perfect icing on the cake. Well, let’s see, how that taste at McDonalds is so much better than anywhere else!

The Secret Reason Why A McDonald’s Coke Tastes The Best

Well, digging into the fact, the Spoon University has explained that McDonalds follows five different features in maintaining and serving their Coke to their customers out there. Yes! The way they get it transported, the way they pass their Coca-Cola through filtration, the way they maintain and keep the temperature, what they actually do with the syrup and also the way they serve it to their customers, all differ largely in comparison with the other outlets.

Rather than serving this icy chilled coca cola in the plastic containers or bags, McDonalds prefer to store and preserve them in the stainless steel containers. Do you know why? They do it because this helps restore the original taste of the drink and preserve all its natural ingredients at the best. Additionally, the treasured people at McDonalds own “gold standard” for drink serving and alongside disclose that they add no lime to the drink. This no addition of lime in the Coca-Cola is one more plus point to consider.

Not just this, this McDonalds is far more concerned about your taste and ecstasy for fast food and therefore, it takes great care in maintaining the temperature of the cold drink. The Spoon University further goes on explaining that McDonalds has an insulated tube that runs from the refrigerator to the back, which all the way makes up to the soda fountain.

The Secret Reason Why A McDonald’s Coke Tastes The Best

There is a water line in this tube that runs in the refrigerator to maintain the temperature of the cold drink, just above the freezing point. This is because the level of coldness is also necessary to achieve the CO2 levels of the drink. This helps offer the crisp and proper taste of the cold drink, which you fail to get at any other restaurant and also makes the carbonisation of the drink last longer. The syrup that they use to filter the water is also cooled at a lower temperature.

The final and greatest advantage is the straw that they serve the cold drink with. You must not have noticed McDonalds serves straw with the Coca Cola which is apparently bigger and wider than the straw you’ll get anywhere else. All of these make the perfect combination to deliver a Coca-Cola that straightaway hits your taste buds.

So, you might be excited to taste it ASAP, aren’t you?

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