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Take A Pancake Tour Around The Globe

What is the first thing that comes to your mind on hearing pancakes? Depending on your cultural origin, the imagination starts to draw already either fluffy flapjacks with a maple syrup slowly running down or maybe gently French crepes?
Pancake turned out to be the oldest meals in the world, that’s why you may find them in every single country around the world. Let’s take a guide around and take a look what every country has prepared for us:

Classic American Pancakes

A-Pancake-Tour-2Vicky Wasik

If we look back in the American colonies, pancakes were made with buckwheat or cornmeal. Nowadays they are usually cooked with all purpose flour and have plenty of variations: enriched with oatmeal, buttermilk, oil. American pancakes get so fluffy due to the rise from baking powder. Pancakes are served in piles and are served with tons of butter and side of maple syrup.


Originally coming from France but became popular all over the world and have their own names in each country. If you go to Hungary you will eat palacsinta, when you head to Italy you will be served Italian crespelle. Originally recipe goes with wet mixture of milk, eggs, a touch of salt and a bit of wheat flour. The dough is very loose, spreading easily around the pan making paper thin pancakes. Traditional breakfast pancakes go with fruit, whipped cream, syrup or chocolate. While lunch or dinner crepes can be stuffed with meat, cheese or even cooked vegetables.


Let’s go a bit further – North Africa. Here pancakes are called m’semen. Cooked with yeasted semolina dough, they are done extremely thin and are usually coated with butter or can be stuffed with ground meat or just honey. Then you fold the dough in few layers until it becomes a thin strip. Flattened out and pan-fried it makes few layers with delicious filling inside and separated with buttery crepe.


The eastern European pancakes go by many names, either blintz or blinchiki or just blini. But there is a difference. For example the former resembles a silver dollar pancake, they are small and fluffy and are often dipped with sour cream and caviar. The latter ones are larger and resemble crepes, usually served with cottage cheese inside or jam. It is very famous for Maslennitsa festival.

We would like to share the recipe of this tasty dish!


Milk – 1 litre
Flour – 20 table spoons
Eggs – 4
Sugar – 2 table spoons
Salt – 1 tea spoon
Butter – 200 gram
Olive oil – 1 table spoon
Soda – 0,5 tea-spoon


mixing bowl, whisk, ladle, pan, plate.

Step 1. Place the eggs, sugar and salt into the mixing bowl, whisk until the sugar, eggs and salt have mixed together.

Step 2. Then add soda carbonate and 500ml of milk, to the mixing bowl and stir carefully.

Step 3. Gradually add the flour while gently stirring the mixture in order to avoid any lumps. After this poor the rest of the milk in the bowl and blend it all together.

Step 4. Melt the butter and place it in the mixture along with the olive oil. Leave the mixture to settle for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4. Place the pan on the fire and heat it up until it is scalding hot.

Step 5. Grease the surface of the pan with the butter; use one scoop of the ladle to make one portion.

Place this mixture on the pan and bake it from both sides, when ready place it on the plate.

It’s recommended for you to add a little bit of butter between the pancakes in order to prevent any sticking. Please Enjoy.


It can be rather confusing. If you are in Berlin, you are going to be served a filled doughnut, so if you wish to order the actual pfankuchen, ask for eirekuchen instead. They do look like crepes, but are cooked from thicker, eggier batter and are fried on both sides. You can actually find the similarity with American pancakes.


A-Pancake-Tour-8Kenny Louie, Flickr

This is not a typical pancake, and it is the only dish that doesn’t even look close to the pancake. Danish variant of pancakes will remind you more of the popover, but by taste they are fluffy and hot, dipped in jam or sprinkled in powder sugar. According to Danish, these are the pancakes, as they are cooked with eggs, flour and dairy based batter. Sometimes they add a touch of baking powder or yeast to make them fluffier.

Dutch baby

A-Pancake-Tour-10 Laissez Fare, Flickr

This is what happens if you cook pfankuchen in the oven instead of the usual pan on the stove. This is a Dutch baby, which is flavored with vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg. Sometimes you may find them stuffed with pears or apples. They get such a great shape when pancakes are removed from the oven. The center collapses and forms such a bowl like shape. The tastiest parts are the sides – crispy and airy.


A-Pancake-Tour-11 smerikal, Flickr

Fins love these oven-baked pancakes: a custard vanilla spiked batter is usually served for breakfast or goes as a dessert. Like most of the European pancakes, they are serves with cream, jam or berries on top.

Potato pancakes

A-Pancake-Tour-12Vicky Wasik

Are mostly found across Europe and Middle East. You may find few different names, from Jewish latkes to Hungarian tocsni. Grated potato is combines with flour and egg and is often seasoned with onion. Eastern Europeans prefer to serve it with a touch of sour cream on top.



Italian pancakes are extremely easy in cooking: little more than nutty chickpea flour , olive oil, water is mixed together and baked in the pan. While they are crispy from the outside, the inside stays smooth and moist inside.


A-Pancake-Tour-13 Brian Oh

Ethiopia cooks this spongy pancakes with nutty and sweet flour and it gets its savory flavor from fermentation period of few days. They are usually cooked on a clay plate over an open fire. As a result you will taste smooth and elastic dough on one side, porous and pitted on the other.


A-Pancake-Tour-15Max Falkowitz

Usually they are referred to an Indian flatbread and you can find it across Asia. It is cooked on the griddle until pale dough is lightly speckled. These wheat pancakes are wrap like but are definitely substantial. This bread can be deep fried for puffy poori or layered with ghee or oil to get a buttery paratha.


A-Pancake-Tour-16Max Falkowitz

South Asian dosa is another savory crepe like pancake, made of fermented batter of soaked rice and urud dal. It also has a tangy and fermented flavor. Though dosas turn out to be very shiny and crispy, more fried and lacquered compared to crepes. Usually they are served plain, or might be filled with spiced potatoes, cheese or veggies.


A-Pancake-Tour-17J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

A classy street food in Thailand, Indonesia and India. The dough is unbelievable thin and flash fried in a pan. Sometimes you may feel the touch of coconut oil. After it is stuffed with spiced meat filling and folded into a rectangular bundle.



The Indonesian pancakes are a combination of rice flour and coconut, can be either creamy coconut milk or shredded coconut. Usually topped up with sweet ingredients like chocolate chips or sprinkles, but sometimes goes with a savory snack.


A-Pancake-Tour-19Max Falkowitz

Chinese got very creative when it came to the pancakes and have a huge variety of them. But the most popular so far is probably made on the Western shore – scallion pancake or cong you bing. It is a wheat based dough, which is rolled up, turned into spiral then back to flattening and finally reaches the pan. It is incredibly delicious. But they also can be split and stuffed with fried eggs or grounded meat.


A-Pancake-Tour-20 Robyn Lee

Korean jeon are similar in variations to Chinese bing. Just imagine a dish which is totally packed with vegetables, chicken, meat or seafood served on a sweet based pancake.


A-Pancake-Tour-21 Robyn Lee

Korean street food, which is usually served with caramel, honey, nuts or syrup.


A-Pancake-Tour-22 Robyn Lee

Japanese pancake’s concept of the pancake is the following: batter fried with shredded cabbage and the rest is up to your imagination, from octopus to pork belly!

Banh Xeo

A-Pancake-Tour-23 Robyn Lee

These Vietnamese rich flour pancakes have no eggs at all but get their color from turmeric. Usually you will find them served with pork, shrimp or bean sprouts.



Mexican tortilla is famous all over the world is traditionally made with corn flour. Don’t forget the salsa and guacamole on the side.


A-Pancake-Tour-24Max Falkowitz

Traditional Colombian and Venezuelan dish made of cornmeal patty and served with savory fillings, like seafood or chorizo, beans of stewed beef.


A-Pancake-Tour-25 Lauren Rothman

Made of more nixtamalized corn and are served with melt cheese, meats of beans. Usually you eat them with a tang cabbage slow on top , known as curtido.
Hope you got hungry!

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