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Surprising Food Facts That Will Seriously Impress You

We get used to daily things so much, that sometimes don’t even suspect how many mysteries ordinary objects might hide. Just take a look at these food facts, which will definitely surprise you:

Chili peppers

pepperimage source (Image Source)

Did you know that it is not the color that tells you about its taste, but the size? The smaller the pepper is, the hotter it will be.


bananaimage source (Image Source)

Strange fact: mosquitoes are attracted more to people who have recently consumed banana. Be aware during the summer months.


avocadoimage source (Image Source)

You can’t predict what is going to happen with banana in one minute. And one more thing, never ever try to feed birds with avocado, it is the biggest poison for them.


waterimage source (Image Source)

Gravity likes to play tricks with us, especially when we are thirsty. Have you noticed how much you can spill no matter how careful you are?

Bottled water

water-bottlesimage source (Image Source)

Every single bottle of water is different. You will never find two sources of water that are exactly the same.

Food coloring

naturally-colored-cakeimage source (Image Source)

Food coloring makes children hyperactive, especially if it is a red or yellow.


awesome-coffeeimage source (Image Source)

We are used to say coffee beans, right? While they aren’t actually beans but berries. So the more correct name would be “berries of the coffee plant”.


teaimage source (Image Source)

According to Japanese, you should never drink tea which is not freshly brewed. They tend to say :”’Yesterday’s tea bites worse than a snake ”.


honeyimage source (Image Source)

It turns out that honey is immortal and the oldest pot of edible honey was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen. Biologists even tested it and stated it was still good for eating.


camembert_cheese_image source (Image Source)

It is recommended to eat Camembert as close to its expiration date but never after it.


eggsimage source (Image Source)

The best way to see whether the eggs are fresh is placing them in the glass with water. If it rises to the surface, it is no longer good. It happens due to the gasses accumulation inside of the egg as it gets older.


raw-veganimage source (Image Source)

This food keeps your figure slim and actually boosts losing weight thanks to the sourness, which makes your body process fats twice faster.


dark-chocolateimage source (Image Source)

If you have a small bite of dark chocolate before the meal, it will fill up your blood with glucose and will sooth down your hunger. So you won’t end up overeating.

The biggest food’s secret is…

late-night-eatingimage source (Image Source)

It is tastier at night, no matter what kind of meal it is.

source: brightside

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