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Japan’s Delicious-Looking Food Which Is Not Edible

It is well known that Japan notoriously nutritious food, with a diet based around super-fresh, seasonal products is highly appreciated. Like premium sushi or sashimi has an eat-by date of minutes not days. However some restaurants display some of their best food which can be few year old. These mouth watering dishes are not meant to eat, because they are made of plastic.

plastic food japanScott Hadfield/flickr

Realistic looking replicas designed to appetize customers or help tourists who can’t read print menus in Japanese. it is also convenient way to order:instead of trying to figure out the correct Japanese translation, customers can simply point at the display window.

plastic food japaneseDanny Choo/flickr

Once upon a time these fake dishes were made with wax but plastic is now the ingredient of choice as it’s more durable. Some restaurants prefer to send photos so that their models would be perfectly replicated. It is not cheap service, one dish costs around $100.

plastic food in japanTimothy Takemoto/flickr

featured image: CBS News


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