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Japan Went Totally Crazy For KitKats

KitKat has more than 300 flavors on sale since the snack was introduced and has become the country’s favorite candy bar. It is done with white chocolate and raspberry mix, carefully poured into a piping bag by chef Yasuma Takagi, who is Japan’s foremost patissiers. After snipping the end of the bag, he gently squeezes the delicious pink paste into a tray of oblong, white plastic molds. You might think it is some exquisite kind of chocolate, but actually the chef is making nothing else but KitKat.


The rest of the world knows KitKat like a usual coffee break snack, cooked from wafers and milk chocolate. In Japan it is totally different story. Chef is working on creating the most extraordinary flavors that you can’t even imagine, like wasabi kitkat, or maybe lemon vinegar or even pumpkin pudding, green tea. It is far from KitKat’s original flavor in 1930s England.

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Even though KitKat is known around the world, nobody could guarantee a success in Japan, the market is very hard to break. But this phenomenon happened thanks to hard work and smart ideas from KitKat’s marketing gurus from the city of Kobe and maybe thanks to its name, as in Japanese “Kito kato” means “to surely win”. The snacks were given to kids and friends before important events or without any reason, just to encourage for positive result.

KitKat has got its popularity in 2000s, thanks to its variety of flavors and kinds. Customers in Japan are very demanding, as around 2000 new confectionery products are released every year, so simple dark chocolates are not enough.

Now there are around 300 various KitKat flavors available. The flavors are really weird and extraordinary for example sakura and sake. KitKat has become number one, but didn’t stop on its achievements, and here is where Takagi comes in.


First he rejected the collaboration with KitKat but after thousands of discussions finally agreed and opened his kitchens to KitKat. Now there is a small edition of high quality KitKats, using couverture chocolate, which can be found only in his shops.


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