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Good To Know: Food Poisoning Expert Refuses To Eat These Things

Bill Marler spent the last 20 years working on food-poisoning lawsuits and has certain foods he no longer eats. Bill has won around 600$ million for his clients and believes that this food is simply not worth of the risk:

Raw oysters

Good-To Know:-Food-Poisoning-Expert-Refuses-To-Eat

For the last five years Bill saw more food-borne illnesses caused by seafood than ever. It happens due to the climate change: the warming waters produce microbial growth. That’s why people consuming raw oysters are slurping down.

Pre-washed fruit and veggies

Good-To Know:-Food-Poisoning-Expert-Refuses-To-Eat

Bill avoids such food like the plague, as the more people touch and process the food, the more chances are it is contaminated.

Raw sprouts

Good-To Know:-Food-Poisoning-Expert-Refuses-To-Eat

The most common bacteria found in sprouts are salmonella and E.coli.So better to avoid consuming it raw.

Raw meat

Good-To Know:-Food-Poisoning-Expert-Refuses-To-Eat

Those who love their stakes rare will be disappointed, as Bill would never order his any rarer than medium-well. According to him, all the meats should be cooked to 160 degrees to kill bacteria.

Uncooked eggs

Good-To Know:-Food-Poisoning-Expert-Refuses-To-Eat -these-Things5

Now the chances to get food poisoning from raw eggs is much lower than 20 years before, but still. If you remember there was a huge salmonella epidemic in the 1980-1990-s.

Unpasteurized milk and juices

Good-To Know:-Food-Poisoning-Expert-Refuses-To-Eat

Now more and more people promote consuming raw milk and juices. According to Bill pasteurization is not dangerous, but raw beverages can be, as there is an increased risk of being contaminated by viruses, parasites and bacteria.

source: iflscience

featured image: everydayhealth

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