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Coconut Water Ice Pops Are Perfect Treat On A Hot Day

When the sun is blazing, there’s nothing more satisfying than a tasty treat to cool you down. These ice pops are refreshing and the perfect treat on a hot day.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below to see how easy, inexpensive, and delicious these are to make at home. Trust me, it’s the perfect summer treat for a cookout or a snack.

What You Need:

Fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, oranges and kiwi)
— Coconut water
— Ice pop mold
— Popsicle sticks
— *Additional: Cutting board and kitchen knife

1. Thinly slice the fresh fruit.

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2. Place approximately 3 to 4 pieces of fruit into each popsicle mold, making sure to leave enough room for the coconut water.

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3. Next, add the coconut water to each mold, making sure it is filled to the very top.

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4. Place the cover over the container and insert wooden popsicle sticks into each section.

5. Place into the freezer for several hours

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When they’re ready, pop them out of the tray and enjoy!

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