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Awesome Ideas For Serving Fruit And Berries This Summer

The best part of summer, except the seaside is the great variety of fruit and berries. It is never too much of them, as you can make desserts, beverages or simply enjoy the fresh and crunchy taste of the fruit. But to make your summer table even more festive, here are few ideas for you how to serve your favorite fruit and berries in a special way:

A kebab

Excellent idea for parties and letting people making their own version of kebab: just put several bowls with various fruit and berries along with sticks, and let the culinary show begin.

A watermelon pie

Gorgeous cake, and what is even better with a minimum of calories!Double check how to make this beauty here.

Cherries in chocolate

Who said that there is only chocolate dip strawberries? These cherries in white chocolate look absolutely delicious.

A fruit bouquet

The best bouquet ever . If you got tired of ordinary roses, this idea is superb! And what is the best part of it? It is eatable!

Bananas in frozen chocolate

Look like ice creams, don’t they? Check the recipe and start cooking now!

Strawberry cake

Look extremely easy and seducing!

Fruit cones

Choose another filling than a common vanilla or chocolate! These bright fruit will add more flavor and hold less calories!

Raspberries with chocolate

This tiny amount of inserted chocolate inside the raspberries is a genius idea!

Watermelon stars

Kids would love such an idea!

Fruit and berry flowerpot


If you have few plastic cups, watermelon, grapes and blackberries, you can create the flower pot of your own.

Strawberry candy

Such kind of candy is hard to resist.

A fruit hedgehog

A simple pear can turn into masterpiece if you follow these easy steps!

Strawberries in a chocolate vase

The combination of two best ingredients is the ultimate choice of the summer.

Strawberry popsicles


If you feel too hot this summer, these low calorie popsicles are a great idea.

Melon cocktails

Searching for a new refreshing beverage? The melon cocktail is waiting for you right here.


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