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6 Healthiest Frozen Foods

We tend to believe that only fresh products contain healthy elements and minerals, but as it turns out, frozen foods can be actually very nutritious, and here are few proofs:

Bell peppers


Is rich in vitamins A and C, and what is more interesting, frozen bell pepper retains nutrient value longer than the fresh ones.




As soon as you pick it up, spinach starts to lose antioxidants, vitamin C along with beta carotene, but freezing it will preserve the nutrients for weeks.



These berries save their antioxidant content frozen, no matter what is the season outside.


The healthy benefits of broccoli are kept in the compound sulforaphane, which is believed to be the best protection against cancer. And even though the compound’s power fades within time, if you freeze it, you will extend its lifespan.


Even frozen salmon fillet will still be a fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are preserved easier while frozen, than fresh.


Canned beans are a great source of iron and fiber and meanwhile have less amount of sodium.

So don’t be afraid to freeze some of the foods, as you can actually save this way their nutritious elements!



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