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19 Reasons Why You Should Be Cooking With Honey

Cooking with honey gives you a never-ending list of possibilities and  recipes  due to the many practical functions this ingredient could serve. There aren’t many items you can use in savory dishes, desserts and cocktails, but honey is definitely one of them. However, we tend to use honey only like a replacement for sugar in our tea, while there are many delicious honey recipes you could use for your daily and holiday meals.

Main tips on using honey in cooking

Clear honey is often easier to use for cooking because it’s easier to pour. Use honey as a sweetener to replace sugar in desserts, drinks and baking: it has a particular affinity with milk products such as yoghurt and cheese. You can also use honey as a flavouring in ice cream, but be aware that it freezes at a lower temperature than ordinary sugar: this will affect the texture slightly but by using a combination of honey and sugar you can overcome this problem.

In savoury dishes, use honey as the basis of a sticky marinade for pork or chicken, but be careful once it goes in the oven because honey burns relatively quickly. One tip is to drain off the marinade before cooking, then pour it over the food halfway through cooking for a beautifully lacquered finish. Honey also makes a delicious glaze for roast pork, sausages or parsnips. Heat destroys some of the quality of good honeys, so it is better to use specialist honeys in uncooked foods in which you can taste the difference.

Scroll down to explore 19 reasons why you should better be cooking with honey in all of your meals.

1.Try pistachio Pesto Pizza With Fresh Mozzarella and Honey


It is a great way to add a special flavor to the usual pizza. It can be served as both crowd-pleasing appetizer or a main vegetarian dish. Recipe.

2. Spiced Honey Roasted Almonds


One of the best snacks ever, which tastes better when is homemade, as you can decide on your own how much sugar, salt and spice to add. Recipe.

3. Honey, apricot and almond goat cheese spread


Just a small touch of natural sweetener can totally change the flavor of this appetizer.

4. Pear tart with goat cheese, rosemary and honey


The most common combination for the appetizers is usually fruit, herbs and honey. Especially if you bake it. Recipe.

5. Brown butter honey garlic scallops


This Mediterranean dish is absolutely delicious thanks to the sweetness of scallops, flavored with a touch of honey. Add a bit of browned butter, garlic and lemon sauce and your family will have the best dinner ever. Recipe.

6. Crock pot honey lemon chicken


Slow cooking process of chicken can be used in variety of dishes, either it is a chicken soup or a sandwich the taste will be unforgettable. Recipe.

7. Honey garlic butter salmon in foil


Making dishes in foil is not only healthy but also saves a bunch of time when it comes to cleaning. Recipe.

8. 20 -minute Honey Garlic Shrimp


The best way to infuse more flavor in a minimum of time – honey is your way out. Simmer shrimps with soy sauce, garlic and ginger and your tasty dinner will be ready in no time. Recipe.

9. Honey Lime Chili Chicken Thighs


What makes honey a great ingredient in the kitchen is that you don’t basically need anything else to make your dish taste outstanding. If you pair with a touch of chili and lime juice, the chicken will get a totally different flavor. Recipe.

10. Slow cooker honey-garlic baby back ribs


When it comes to ribs, glaze is a must. You can achieve this finger-licking flavor by combining honey, garlic and ketchup only. Recipe.

11. Honey butter rolls


When you come to certain restaurants this is what you get served right away. You can make your own though for holidays or parties and save on dining out. Recipe.

12. Rainbow fruit salad with citrus honey dressing and fresh mint


We all tend to get excited about the fruit. As soon as you realize that your fridge is stuck with all kinds of berries and fruit it is time to make a fruit salad infused with sweet and citrusy dressing.

13. Honey balsamic roasted carrots


This is one of the new ways to serve carrots, which is loved by both adults and kids. Honey adds sweetness to the carrots without ruining its rustic flavor.

14. Roasted honey garlic cauliflower


Even if you stick to vegetarian diet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with classic garlic flavor. Crispy cauliflower with a favorite sauce will be a great substitute for meat. Recipe. 

15. Honey pecan cheesecake with pecan shortbread crust


These two ingredients are the best pair, especially when it comes to desserts. If you serve it as a sauce on the side of the cheesecake – you won’t regret. Recipe. 

16. Naturally sweetened honey popcorn balls


Even kids can make this snack for themselves by playing with their favorite pop corn.

17. Salted brown sugar and honey fudge


The main purpose of honey in this dish is to lend the flavor. And if you add a pinch of sea salt on top, you will achieve that sweet and salty taste.

18. Honey Lavender scones


Lavender is rather tricky in cooking, as it can be too strong in your recipe. However matching it up with our natural sweetener can sooth the situation.

19. Honey cupcakes with Mascarpone frosting and caramelized figs


 Thanks to a small touch of honey, these cupcakes are not too sweet and not too rich in flavor. Just perfect. Recipe here.

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