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10 Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes

We all love the traditional side of Christmas – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a few twists and surprises to keep the occasion up-to-date, especially when it comes to desserts.

Everybody loves sweet treats at the holidays, but many of us who are trying to stay in shape would rather consume healthy sweets packed with protein, good fats, fiber and vitamins than processed grains and sugar.

Heading to a Christmas party? So if you haven’t gotten your cookie on … It’s time! We dug up some recipes to get you started:

1. G’s Spicy Tequila Balls.The idea of combing tequila and chipotle along with cayenne-dusted sweets might have never occurred to you. But Nadia G’s recipe has got you covered!

mexican-chocolate-truffles-9471-copyimage source (Image Source)

2. PB&J Bars. The all favorite simple recipe from Good Housekeeping – peanut butter and jelly cookie bars. While the bars are still hot cover them with some strawberry jam and sprinkle peanut butter chips all over. Delicious!

cookies-1image source (Image Source)

3. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip-Bacon Cookies. Made specially for sweet tooths and bacon lovers. Can you imagine peanut butter, cinnamon, chili powder topped up with few stripes of bacon?

cookiesimage source (Image Source)

4. Bourbon Tomato jam thumbprint cookies. Thumbprint cookies are already the calling card of every swap party, however you can impress the guests by offering bourbon and tomato jam cookies. Be ready with such ingredients as jalapeno and onion!

savory-cookiesimage source (Image Source)

5. Crunchy Peanut Butter S’more Bites. Let’s not skip the classics, as everybody loves these crunchy, peanut-buttery versions of macaroons.

days-of-cookiesimage source (Image Source)

6. Christmas Light Sugar Cookies. It is not about the classic recipe of sugar cookie but all about the decorations, which make them look like a string of Christmas lights.

cookiesimage source (Image Source)

7. Soft Gingerbread cookie bars. Another favorite treat of the holiday season which bring back childhood memories. This recipe will add softness and more rich flavor to traditional gingerbread.

soft-baked-gingerbread-cookie-bars3image source (Image Source)

8. Halva Rugelach. This Jewish pastry gets a sweet update from My Name Is Yeh and will surely be a warm welcome from the traditional Christmas cookies. The honey and tahini-filled goodies are also great for breakfast leftovers.

halva-rugelach-6image source (Image Source)

9. Valerie’s Neapolitan Holiday Cookies. These colorful red and green sweets will be a special treat on your table along with gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies.

neapolitan-holiday-cookies_s4x3-jpg-rend-sni12col-landscapeimage source (Image Source)

10. Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies. Not even one Christmas party can be hold without the thumbprint delights. But this particular recipe is made for chocolate lovers, with a touch of walnuts and milk chocolate kisses for the filling.

cookiesimage source (Image Source)

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