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World Fashion: Wedding Outfits Around The Globe!

The white gown we are so used to see and use on wedding ceremonies became a tradition only in the 19th century thanks to Queen Victoria who has become the first woman to wear white bridal gown. Before that, women tended to wear traditional outfits or just what was in style at that moment.
Nowadays, most of the modern brides go for the traditional wide gowns and only few break the stereotypes. And at the same time different cultures, especially if we talk about Africa and Asia still hold to traditional outfits during the wedding ceremonies. And some of these outfits look absolutely gorgeous!
Japan. In Japanese culture women usually wear few dresses during the ceremony: the white one and red.

Ghana. Very bright and colorful, while every family has its own pattern.

Romania. Most of the couples go for the modern style but you still can see few traditional ceremonies especially in the remote areas, where traditional costumes are worn.

The Sami, Northern Europe. The Sami are people living in Lapland and interesting thing is that their clothes can actually talk. For example, the square buttons are the signs of a married man, while single ones go for belts with rounds buttons.

Sri Lanka. Usually everybody is looking at the bride on the wedding, right? If you happen to be at Sri Lanka wedding, you will admire the groom even more.

India. The bride’s choice for the wedding dress goes either to pink or red color, along with a red dot in the middle of the forehead.

Scotland. Following the tradition, the groom is wearing a kilt of his clan. After the wedding ceremony the groom puts a shawl on his wife’s shoulder to symbolize her belonging to the new family.

Pakistan. Even though it is Islamic nation, you may find a lot in common with Indian traditions when it comes to wedding. Henna patterns and red wedding dress are the most popular.

Ethiopia. The only country in Africa where official religion is Christianity. So don’t be surprised to see wedding in the traditions of Greece and Russia.

Indonesia. Here the wedding might differ from island to island, as there are around six major religions and 300 ethnic groups.

Caucasian people. You will see the groom wearing the Circassian coat along with a sword attached to his belt, and brides usually wear white gowns but with national motifs.

China. Traditional wedding dress is red one, as the white color is a symbol of mourning and funeral.

Hawaii. The groom is usually the one who is dressed up all white along with flower garlands, which is the part of the wedding ceremony. Brides are always decorating their hair with fresh flowers.

Malaysia. Wedding is hold in Muslim tradition and the brides usually choose the dress of cream, violet or purple color.

Yemenite Jews. Most of the Jewish communities don’t have certain wedding garments, except Yemenite Jews, where brides are wearing special outfits inherited from their ancestors.

South Korea. The nation is coming back to traditional weddings, where the groom has to carry his bride on his back, symbolizing that the bride can rely on her man.

Norway. There is a special traditional costume – bunad, which is always worn for weddings and christening parties.

Bali. Gorgeous dresses with dozens of small details, plus the golden crowns which couple wears during the ceremony.12383396_1581832818802738_954096456_n(1)

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