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Winter Fashion 2016: Cat Punch Gloves

In the world of high technologies even the clothes has to be adjusted to user’s needs. Whether you play your favorite game or swipe the pages on Facebook, you hate to do in your gloves and you also hate to put them on and off all the time. Therefore designers came up with an idea of special paw gloves, where the pointing finger is the main hero.
Last year Japanese retailer was the one who released the first mitts, where the attention was paid to the forefinger. This year, they expanded the usability up to the forefinger, so you can grab and swipe and touch everything you want.

“Cat Punch Gloves” come in three designs: Kijitora, which is brown-grey tabby

Sabatora, mackerel tabby

And Shirokuro Hachiware, black and white cat

Don’t worry about the warmth, as inside these gloves are set with soft fleece lining.


The trick of these gloves is the following: the main body of the glove is made from warm material, while the thumb and forefinger are covered with a conductive fabric, designed specially for using the phone.


So you no longer need to take off your gloves whenever you need to pick up the phone.

Plus there is a nice fur lining which takes care of your wrists and adds an elegant look.


source: en.rocketnews24

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