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Scary But Stylish Halloween Nail Art Ideas!

Everybody gets ready for the Halloween party and your outfit should look perfect, starting from the choice of the costume and finishing with a nail polish. Here are few creepy but totally awesome ideas on how to make your nail art awesome:

In Stitches


Master class from Frankenstein, but done by Alicia Torello

Muertos Mani


Cute lace details by the cuticles, ring finger calacas. Crafted by Sigourney B.Nunez.

Scary Cats


Black and white kittens which look more cute than creepy are designed by Jessica Washick’s.



Manicurist Karen Gutierrez was inspired by R.L. Stine and his Goosebumps glory.

Ombre Pumpkin


Traditional pumpkin would be too easy and boring, that’s why Cassandre Banel made an ombre nail art which looks chic.

Spider legs


Chelsea King went traditional way and applied this creepy cute spiders crawling on her nails.

Sparkling Skulls


Francis Liang applied ghoulish faces with silvery Tenoverten Rockstar and accented the nails with cool gray color.

Tiny Daggers


Easy and simple: Alicia Torello glued a crown of tiny gold triangles just in the middle of the nail bed.

Smiley Pumpkin


Gorgeous pumpkin is a piece of art from Sigourney B.Nunez.

Golden Candy Corn


It looks much cuter thanks to the touch of shine from Karen Gutierez.

Spiderwebs Nails


Classy and always trendy nail art from Amber Young.

Monster Mash


Really creepy furry tips from the British company Doobys Nails.

Mr. Bones


Thanks to the purple color skeletons look more glamorous, says the manicurist Miss Pop.

Splatter Pattern


Just a bit of blood all over the nails on the white background and your nails look horrifying thanks to the work of Sigourney B. Nunez.

Mon Mani


Beautiful blue moon is watching you from your own nails, amazing design by Alicia Torello.

Choose your own nail art and be the most creative one during the Halloween party!

source: seventeen

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