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Hilarious Sweaters From 80-s That Will Make You Smile

80-s brought a lot of cool things, like Super Mario Brothers, Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more. But when it comes to the fashion, the 80-s is not the best example of style and taste, especially if we have a look at the trendy sweaters. Thanks to Wit Knits, a Tumblr dedicated to those hilarious sweaters from the 80-s we can have a look at the fashion of last century. All the images are taken from a real existing pattern book produced at that time.

According to the publishers, all the designs and sweater patterns are “lively and original”. The book was released in 1986 where you can admire a rather weird collection which you wouldn’t put on now for sure.

But if you miss the oddities of 80-s, you can still find the book and knit the chosen pattern by yourself. Have a look the collection below and choose the one you like the best:


source: sobadsogood

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